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Products advantages list of Disposable ECG Electrode

time:2019-02-16 author:Shanghai YueChen Medical Supply Co.,Ltd.

1:Diversified product range

A: Varied backing materials

Cloth backing-Do not use hot pressing cloth to make sure cloth backing breathable and soft

Foam backing-to adopt 1mm thick 15 times foam backing

Clear tape backing-to adopt waterproof and soft PE tape in skin color

Imported American 3M tape-to make sure same quality as America

B:Wide range of applications

Adult type-more than 20 different sizes of electrodes to satisfy different demands of hospitals

Pediatric type-to adopt not only international tear drop type,but also domestic round and rectangular shapes to satisfy clinical tests

Neonatal type-The first company to adopt 25mm round size in China with good adhesiveness

Moon type-suitable for EEG bionic electrical stimulator

Specially used for thoracic electrical bio-impedance evaluation--the first company used for cardiology department in China

Short-term&long-term monitoring&Emergency use/ICU/Stress Test/24 hours HOLTER

2: Reliable production

ATo adopt mature American production equipments

Online automatic inspection of disqualified electrodes

Online automatic inspection of electrodes with poor conductivity

Online automatic inspection of electrodes without snaps or sensors

B To adpot American mature gel formula

To adopt imported chemicals to produce conductive gel for the sake of stable conductivity

High tack conductive gel ; do not turn yellow

Conductive gel with strong anti-interference ability

No residue

C Excellent production environment

In order to protect electrodes from pollution,we adopt epoxy floor with no cartons in workshop.Workers need to wear overall and caps before entering workshop.

Working environment in constant temperature to ensure same quality all the year round.

To separate personnel / material channels

To install monitoring cameras and fly killing lights in all places to ensure electrode quality.

3: Complete certificates

A: Domestic certificates

production certificate ;registration certificate;ISO13485;IS09001

B International certificates

CE certificate

FDA certificate

4 Clients from all over the world

North America -USA;South America-Brazil,Chile


Asia-Australia,Korea,Saudi Arabia,Malaysia,India,Turkey,Pakistan

Africa-South Africa,Egypt,Morocco,Nigeria,Kenya,Mozambique

5company philosophy

Our long-term goal-Quality first&customer-centric

The best for you---YueChen Medical