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time:2021-01-19 author:Shanghai YueChen Medical Supply Co.,Ltd.

Our company has newly developed Disposable TENS electrode, which has the following characteristics:

1: Production material stability

A: Adopt imported conductive adhesive

Strong viscosity, can be reused more times than peers.

Avoid unnecessary scald caused by insufficient conductive area during use.

B: Conductive PU film with low impedance is adopted

Higher electrical conductivity.Rapid conduction of stimulus current, uniform distribution.

C: Use higher specification cable

The plug is moderate in force, not easy to fall off in use, and not easy to make the medical staff tired.

2: production reliability

A: Introducing the most advanced automatic production equipment

In the production process, each procedure is controlled stably

Reliable and stable quality

B: Imported mature colloid

Conductive adhesive does not flow adhesive, strong viscosity

Conductive adhesive has low resistance and strong stability.Each batch of products can ensure the uniform quality.

Conductive adhesive without residual glue, no residual human body, biocompatibility quality is guaranteed

C: Excellent production environment

Epoxy floor, no cartons in the workshop, change clothes in and out, with a cap, to prevent products from pollution

The constant temperature of air conditioning ensures the unified quality of spring, summer, autumn and winter

Separation of personnel/material channels

Monitoring and fly control lights are installed in all locations to ensure product quality

3. All certificates are complete

A: Domestic documents

Production license, record permit, ISO13485, ISO9001

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